03/12/04 - 04/12/04 (Early Hours)

Holy shit these guys f*cking rock:

here is the playlist (which i wrote on both side of my arm):

Feeling This
Easy Target
What's My Age Again?
Happy Holidays You Bastard
The Rock Show
I Miss You
Dysentery Gary
All Of This
First Date
Carousel (Mark's Impromptu Encore)
Stay Together For The Kids
Dumpweed (Medley)
[Dumpweed - Beginning]
[Man Overboard]
[Dumpweed - End]
Reckless Abandon
All The Small Things
Stockholm Syndrome

Mark's Encore - He's Not Just A Great Bass Player!!

I also recorded it and will but putting it up in it's entirety (hopefully) in the next few days, starting with Marks Encore.

There will also be pictures going up either on here or on www.toypaj.com tomorrow 04-12-04 [actually it is now today but I am tired]

Oh and howdy to the fella's on the train. Dammit Rules!!!
(What's My Age Again is the best ever though)




Well shit, I haven't made any changes to this site since February. 

So I am gonna pull my finger out of your Grandpa's ass and start making some updates.

First of all I will add the UK tour dates for the new End of 2004 tour.

Birmingham, NEC Thursday 11th November 2004
Glasgow, SECC Wednesday 1st December 2004
Newcastle, Metro Radio Arena Thursday 2nd December 2004
Manchester, MEN Arena Friday 3rd December 2004
London, Wembley Arena Sunday 5th December 2004
London, Wembley Arena Monday 6th December 2004
Glasgow, CIA Tuesday 7th December 2004
Nottingham, Nottingham Arena Wednesday 8th December 2004




The forum has been set up: click here to go there.

17/01/04: Concert Dates for the UK tour are as follows:

Wembley Arena London: Friday 6th February 2004
Manchester MEN Arena: Saturday 7th February 2004
Braehead Arena Glasgow: Sunday 8th February 2004
Carling Apollo Hammersmith: Wednesday 11th February 2004